About Julie

About Julie

Julie believes the true essence of leadership is knowing your purpose, your why and your authentic leadership style. When you have all of this in flow magic can happen. People are looking for powerful role models to make sense of an uncertain and complicated world. Leaders have an opportunity to make a positive impact and show people what is possible by being an inspiring role model and being and influential leader.

Julie believes that behind every great company is a great leader, and behind every great leader is a great team. The more successful the leader, the more successful the enterprise, and the stronger the business is as a result.

She knows what it’s like to lead people of all generations and genders, and how to harness the power of a diverse team to achieve extraordinary results. She, too, can empower you to become a better leader and a master of your own success.

Julie has over 25 years’ experience, insight and knowledge that she brings to help other leaders, CEOs and business experts tackle difficulties head on. Through this, she helps them accelerate their success.

Julie is all about empowerment and challenging the status quo. With time being our most valuable commodity and this being threatened by our constant busyness, she challenges leaders to be focused on and doing the right activities to support their business, their team and ultimately their leadership.

Julie is a Telstra Business Women’s Award nominee and loves nothing more than fine wine, beautiful food and great company. She combines all three of these vices running supportive dinners for leaders.

In addition to her work on the Board of Advice, a financial planning company, she is a long-suffering Richmond Tigers supporter. Julie is a firm believer that it’s the hardship her beloved team subjects her to which makes her such a resilient leader.

She has worked with brands such as Telstra, NAB, BP, Bank of Melbourne, Bank West, Schiavello Group, The City of Yarra and numerous small and medium businesses.