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In the Media

Julie has featured in print, TV and radio.

July 2017

6PR Perth – What To Do When Your Boss is a Complete Douche Bag

LAFM – What To Do When Your Boss is a Complete Douche Bag

June 2017

Talking Lifestyle – Are You Creating a Busy Mini-Me?

Radio ECU Perth – Why You Need to De-Clutter Your Life.

Talking Lifestyle – The 6 Tell Tale Signs You’re a Workaholic.

March 2017

6PR Perth – The Different Types of Busy

Curtin FM – The Perception Busy creates

Talking Lifestyle – Using Time To Review Your Plans

February 2017

Brisbane Times – Busy. The Global Excuse That’s Wearing Thin.


Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine

  • March Article – Declutter Your Career



Recent Blog

Post by Julie Hyde September 16, 2017

A Leadership Lesson From a Tiger.

It’s a difficult time to be a leader. There’s so much chaos, complexity and change to navigate whilst also working out how to best manage and lead the people you have working for you or around you. The weight of expectation can be quite hard...

Post by Julie Hyde September 8, 2017

Should Mobile Phones be Banned in Meetings?

It seems when people are invited to attend a meeting they now consider it a ‘plus one’ scenario. It is common practice these days for meeting participants to show up with their mobile phone in hand, engaged and ready to distract. Tip – if you...

Post by Julie Hyde August 29, 2017

How Do You Help The Person Who Thinks They Are Busier Than They Are?

As a leader, a peer or even a friend, how do you help the person that is suffering from the busy disease? The person who has no time to do anything they want to? The one that isn’t getting enough sleep, who isn’t looking after themselves and...

Post by Julie Hyde August 24, 2017

The Five Secrets of the Super Organised.

Have you noticed how some people are incredibly organised? Despite the fact their demands are similar to yours - they have a demanding job, children to care for, a partner to love, their health to look and some resemblance of a social life. How...

Post by Julie Hyde August 10, 2017

It Came in Like a Wrecking Ball to Destroy Your Personal Brand.

Personal Brand is the strongest currency you have to deal with in business. It can make or break your career, your leadership and your reputation. So are you aware of the implications that being busy can have on your brand? A leader needs to...

Post by Julie Hyde August 1, 2017

The Five Types of Clutter and Why You Need to De-Clutter.

We’ve seen the shows about de-cluttering a wardrobe or a home and how cathartic it is. The process of getting rid of what we don’t need and haven’t used for a period of time creates space for new and exciting things…..or space to breathe! It...