In the Media

In the Media

Julie has featured in print, TV and radio.

July 2017

6PR Perth – What To Do When Your Boss is a Complete Douche Bag

LAFM – What To Do When Your Boss is a Complete Douche Bag

June 2017

Talking Lifestyle – Are You Creating a Busy Mini-Me?

Radio ECU Perth – Why You Need to De-Clutter Your Life.

Talking Lifestyle – The 6 Tell Tale Signs You’re a Workaholic.

March 2017

6PR Perth – The Different Types of Busy

Curtin FM – The Perception Busy creates

Talking Lifestyle – Using Time To Review Your Plans

February 2017

Brisbane Times – Busy. The Global Excuse That’s Wearing Thin.


Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine

  • March Article – Declutter Your Career



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Post by Julie Hyde November 16, 2017

The Value of Your Circle of Influence.

A boy and his father were walking through the woods together. They came across a large log, blocking their path. The boy turned to his father and said, ‘Do you think I can lift this log?’ The father replied, ‘If you use all your strength,...

Post by Julie Hyde November 9, 2017

Culture – The Heart and Soul of Your Business.

The culture is the lifeblood of any organisation regardless of size – it’s the heart and soul. It’s at the centre of talent retention and acquisition, business performance and overall team engagement. Culture is defined in many ways but a simple...

Post by Julie Hyde November 2, 2017

Why We Now Need to be Inclusive Leaders and Why it Can’t Just be Another Buzz Word.

Leaders today need to find a way to create a winning edge in business and the only way they will do this is by creating an inclusive culture. You need to learn to embrace diversity across generations, genders and cultures. But what does this...

Post by Julie Hyde October 17, 2017

Five Tips for Having Meaningful Performance Conversations.

As the end of the year draws closer, so do the often-dreaded performance conversations. The long trek down to the Boss’s office to talk about you; what you have done, how you have performed, how you have added value, can be confronting and...

Post by Julie Hyde October 17, 2017

When Expectations Cross the Line and Border on Harassment.

I was chatting to an attendee at an event I spoke at in Brisbane last week. David was telling me of the challenge he had with managing his manager John’s expectations. John was an insomniac and workaholic. He worked long into the night and...

Post by Julie Hyde October 10, 2017

BE By Design in 2018.

The calendar has flipped to October and with that comes the race to the end of the year. We’re well into the last quarter now and for some of us the lead up to Christmas can be a challenge. The year has taken its toll and we’re tired. Though the...