In the Media

In the Media

Julie has featured in print, TV and radio.

July 2017

6PR Perth – What To Do When Your Boss is a Complete Douche Bag

LAFM – What To Do When Your Boss is a Complete Douche Bag

June 2017

Talking Lifestyle – Are You Creating a Busy Mini-Me?

Radio ECU Perth – Why You Need to De-Clutter Your Life.

Talking Lifestyle – The 6 Tell Tale Signs You’re a Workaholic.

March 2017

6PR Perth – The Different Types of Busy

Curtin FM – The Perception Busy creates

Talking Lifestyle – Using Time To Review Your Plans

February 2017

Brisbane Times – Busy. The Global Excuse That’s Wearing Thin.


Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine

  • March Article – Declutter Your Career



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Post by Julie Hyde July 6, 2017

Time for a Culture Pulse Check.

Culture is the lifeblood of an organisation, regardless of size. It can make or break a business and the people within it. The culture of an organisation permeates beyond the 4 walls of the working environment and impacts on the employees’...

Post by Julie Hyde July 4, 2017

What Do You Do When Your Boss is a Complete Douche Bag?

A friend of mine, Fiona, was telling a group of us the other day about her manager. She was expressing her frustration with his inability to make decisions, his poor communication style and his constant cancellation of meetings. The biggest...

Post by Julie Hyde July 4, 2017

Are You Creating A Busy Mini-me?

Busy is what we are and its heavy impact is felt well beyond you and your workplace. It extends into your home and those closest to you. We are constantly telling people how busy we are. That we haven’t met a commitment because we’ve been too...

Post by Julie Hyde July 4, 2017

Expert Talk – How To Be a Relevant Leader.

Catherine Duncan is the Director and General Manager of Matthews Steer. She is a highly respected, courageous and relevant leader who walks her talk, but also has a genuine care and empathy for people, which hugely influence her success and the...

Post by Julie Hyde June 27, 2017

We’re at the Half Way Point. 3 Critial Headlines for Leaders to Check in With..

Friday brings the financial year to a close and also completes the first half of the calendar year. Yes, 180 days done! Winter solstice is past us now and before we know it we’ll be heading into spring. Time seems to fly by so fast which is...

Post by Julie Hyde June 22, 2017

The Fire Fighter in You.

Barry was sitting in a meeting with his leadership team when his PA knocked on the door to let him know his appointment was waiting for him. At the same time his phone rang and his wife was asking if he’d attended to something he’s promised...