Brand 5Whether you are leading a team, in business on your own or progressing in the corporate world, you need to be relevant to your current situation and relevant to your future. You need to lead through change and be the change leader.

The business landscape has changed. It is fast, furious and cut throat. We need to do more with less with the challenge on continuously innovating and being flexible while seemingly having less time to do it.

The state of being busy is our new normal.

As professionals who are striving to be the best we can be, to achieve better results and make our mark in business, we simply must change our approach in what we are doing.

We need to consciously disrupt our current state and thought patterns and ‘look up’ to see what can be done differently to create better outcomes for ourselves, for our families and significant others, for our businesses and careers and ultimately for our personal dreams of success.

Business leaders can’t afford to stay static, they can’t afford to think the same way year on year and they can’t afford to be complacent.

Julie Hyde offers a range of consulting services, backed by more than 26 years’ leadership experience. Julie has worked in the corporate sphere with big-name brands, heading large teams of personnel, and for the past seven years has successfully run her own business.

Julie has always been a passionate leader and believes that robust and decisive leadership is the cornerstone of success. Leveraging her years of experience and excellent communication skills, Julie has made leadership mentoring an art form, turning around countless businesses, setting careers on the right path and turbocharging their success.

Julie believes that behind every great company is a great leader. And behind every great leader is a great mentor. By teaching people how to become better leaders, Julie empowers them to become masters of their own success. The more successful the leader, the more successful the enterprise, and the stronger the business community as a result.

Julie’s clients value the fact she is honest, direct, compassionate and engaging. She is results focused and works tirelessly to ensure her clients achieve the outcomes they are seeking. If that means imparting some home truths, so be it. Julie is not scared to tell her clients what they need to hear!

There are programs available for:

  • Individual business, leadership and team development,
  • One on one mentoring if you value laser focus and an individual approach,
  • Group mentor programs if you value collaboration and connecting with like-minded business leaders; and
  • Executive coaching to progress your career.

Julie’s programs are designed to compliment your business or career, challenge your thinking and create successful outcomes. She is also there as a sounding board, to champion your success and hold you accountable.

Click on the links below to find out more about the programs offered:

1. Leadership and Team development

2. Retaining Your Best and Brightest

3. Private Mentoring

4. Executive Coaching

5. Group Mentor Programs

6. Empowering Women in Business


Contact Julie at or call 0419 33 22 58 if you would like to chat with her further about the best option for you.