2017 Private Mentor Program

2017 Private Mentor Program

“There’s never been a better time to change the way you think. Replace every ‘I can’t’ with ‘How can I?’ It might sound like semantics, but I promise it will bring whatever you want to accomplish much closer to becoming a reality.” ~ Maynard Webb

Do you feel like your time is limited?
Do you feel like you are being pulled in every direction other than the one you need to go in?Do you know that something must change but you’re not sure where to start.

Being in business can be tough, lonely and tiring! And Julie totally gets that – she’s been there!

Business is frantic, competitive, confusing and can feel like we are walking in a mine field just waiting for that fatal step! The rapid rate of change has added a deeper level of complexity to business and it will continue to on a consistent basis. We’re all busy, busy, busy. That is our new normal. And on top of this we must ensure that we are relevant to our marketplace. Not only to our current situation, but also our future. That our message cuts through, as a business, as a leader, as an employee so we don’t get lost in the chaos.

It’s now more important than ever to carve time out of your busy days and focus on your business, your leadership or your career. Many know this and it frustrates them because they believe they can’t do it and stay caught in the vortex of busy. So the situation remains normal and they resist the need to change. In 2017 this is at your peril.



Julie works with many business people who simply want someone to ‘disrupt’ their current way of thinking and to have someone in their corner. Someone to bounce ideas off and to have questions asked in order to challenge their thought process and get the information that is swimming around in their heads down on paper.

As Albert Einstein once said, “The mind that created the problem can’t solve the problem”. This is where a coach or mentor can be extremely beneficial.

Many business leaders lack the clarity they need to forge ahead in their business. They have so many ideas, they may have a great Business Plan but they are not achieving the results and the growth they want. And this creates huge confusion and frustration for them.

They are the experts in what they do but executing effective business strategies is another skill in itself. Julie can help you improve this.

JH_How_v2_0Julie works with you one on one to define your vision and goals and most importantly the activities you need to reach your goals. By having clarity in your direction you can become an effective and resourceful decision maker. By having clarity in your direction this can assist in ‘replenishing your energy reserves’ allowing you to feel more motivated and create positive momentum. And having clarity on your relevance to market can be the difference that will make the difference for your business or career.

This is simply about helping you to be successful.

Why Julie?

As a trusted advisor, and a successful and results driven senior leader, people leader and businesswoman, Julie is an expert in leadership and human behaviour. She is passionate about business leaders enjoying what they do and working with them to disrupt their current state of play to ensure this happens for them and they can realise the dream they started their business or career with. Time with Julie is invaluable to your growth, in changing your thinking and gaining clarity in your direction.

Investing time with Julie will clarify what needs to change and what’s next for you. Whether you are in business or a corporate career, taking this time will allow you to get clarity around your goals, develop a clear plan and understand what it will take to drive your success. Julie will inspire you to take action and achieve more.

Julie has worked in corporate, climbed the corporate ladder and led teams large and small. She is now running her own business and has been for the last 8 years. Julie has been there and done that. She knows the unique challenges of large and small business and understands them intimately. She also deeply understands the many challenges and frustrations of leading people.

What Others Say About Julie.

“I have been working with Julie one-on-one for the last 12 months now. When I first commenced, I had little clarity, and was surrounded by mess in my mind and in my environment. Julie has helped me gain clarity, not because of what I “had” to do, but rather, because her questions to me would cause me to come up with my own answers to my own problems. In that way, a leader is born or rather, awakened! Where I saw a problem, Julie would see an opportunity for growth.
I could only have learned leadership by watching other leaders, and Julie is most definitely a leader in her field. I am grateful for Julie’s compassionate yet dynamic approach in supporting my success.” J Preketes, Director

“Cloud CFO worked with Julie Hyde as a Business Coach/Mentor. As a small business owner and new company we found the service offered by Julie to be exceptional. She really guided us through our transition from employee to entrepreneur. Her assistance was invaluable as someone to bounce off ideas and discussion challenges across our business. She gave us the tools and processes we need to assist our business for future growth. As a small business owner I would definitely recommend Julie to any business owner looking at taking their business on the path to success.” E Pamensky

What you will receive:

  • Mentoring from a business leader and people leader who has created success and experienced the challenges.
  • Accountability and follow up
  • A sounding board for plans and thinking
  • Ongoing encouragement, support and guidance
  • Greater success, fulfillment and happiness

How will it work:

  • One-hour mentoring session each month – either face to face in Richmond, Melbourne or via Skype.
  • Accountability catch up each fortnight (phone)
  • Six or Twelve month program
  • Limited to 5 spots

Contact Julie to have a chat if you are ready to take back control and create your success in 2017.