Julie leads high energy, practical and results orientated workshops. She has been delivering these for over 15 years and understands the key to engaging all personality and learning needs in a room.

Julie understands how important it is to empower your team with skills, strategies and different ways of thinking and engage your team to work and think collaboratively and inclusively.

Her workshops are always outcome focused. She loves to work with you to develop a workshop to engage, inspire and drive the change you are seeking.

She runs half day or full day workshops and some of her most popular workshops are detailed below.  She will however tailor the workshops to your needs.

Busy? What Busy is Costing You and How To Take Control

In our uncertain, rapidly changing and volatile world we simply can’t afford to be caught up in the vortex of busy. If we are not paying attention to what is happening in our marketplace, in the business environment, with our clients and team we risk falling behind and becoming irrelevant very quickly. And with that our results will suffer significantly.

In this workshop Julie explores the consequence of being caught up in the busy vortex and why busy is becoming the most socially expected and accepted response to a greeting and why it’s becoming an excuse for non-delivery. It will assist you to:

  • Ensure busy doesn’t control you and that you are proactive
  • Ensure you are focused on the right things for your business and leadership
  • Engage your clients and team
  • Not compromise what is important to you

Creating Future Leaders Today

Yesterday’s leaders were autocratic, powerful, reclusive and believed direction and feedback was given from the top down. They were often decisive and very masculine. Today’s leaders are more collaborative, consultative and trusting of people. They can also be shortsighted and fearful of the ramifications of their decisions and the current market conditions.

With change being our certainty, and challenge being our staple, what does it take to lead into the future? What will it take to future proof your business?

In this workshop, Julie explores what leadership was, is now and what leadership qualities and styles are needed to shift your business, your people and future proof your business. And future proof you.

The Generation Gap

Leading a team has become difficult. Communication seems to be fractured and the needs of the team are so varied. Add to this, for the first time in history we have three generations operating in the same workplace. These generations are driven by vastly different values and motivated by different drivers.

So how do you get a team of people who are so different to work cohesively and collaboratively?

In this workshop Julie explores why the generations are so different and some techniques to implement to get better results and encourage your team to work more effectively together.

The Collective – Collaborative and Cohesive Team Work

Have you ever looked at your team and wondered why you get along with some better than others? Have you noticed there are a group that get along well and communicate easily and another that’s not so easy? Have members of your team communicated to you in such detail you feel frustrated and wish they’d ‘get to the point’? Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone! It happens in every workplace.

In this workshop, Julie explores your team dynamic by using profiling tools to enhance team alignment in three ways:

  • Help individuals gain insight to themselves and improve their self-awareness;
  • Help them understand who they are working with and how to communicate more effectively to get better results;
  • How to utilise the skills of others for benefit rather than fighting against them.

This is a fun and insightful workshop that is perfect for team building, improving communication in the workplace and managing conflict.

The Tipping Point

For many business leaders the path to success means endless hours of work, working faster, harder and doing it by yourself. Involving the team seems like hard work and they don’t so what’s required anyway. They seem to be on their own path. Business leaders are frustrated and exhausted and know they need to shift their business and their team – but how?

They will reach their tipping point and the decision you make will mean success or failure.

In this workshop Julie explores the tipping point for leaders and the consequence of decisions for their business and their team and what it takes to really shift and lead their business.

Disruption – The Key to Your Success

In the fast paced, cut throat environment that is business today we can’t afford to stand still for long. Change is now our certainty and unless we are constantly disrupting the way we are currently thinking and acting we’re going to be left behind.

In this workshop Julie demonstrates why disruption and embracing change is a powerful success strategy and something that is critical to the success of any business or career.

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