About Julie

About Julie

Julie Hyde is a leader of leaders. She’s a disruptor and a powerful people enabler who helps leaders make big things happen. When leadership teams are in the trenches, battling to make headway in the fray, they call in the big guns. And Julie is their secret weapon. After almost three decades in corporate finance roles and coaching execs in the big end of town, Julie knows a thing or two about leadership and how to empower people to truly perform.

Julie believes that behind every great business is a great leader – and great leadership only comes from having the confidence to take control, be relevant, act decisively and exert influence. It sounds so simple, so how do so many leaders get it so wrong? That’s a question that keeps Julie up at night. But if everyone had the answers she would probably be flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

While some people in their 20s were doing just that, Julie was taking on her first big leadership role at one of the big banks – managing a $20 million business, spanning 19 branches and 130 people.  That kind of responsibility isn’t given lightly, but the bank hierarchy recognised in Julie a talent for managing people and driving organisational change. The business was in the doldrums – morale and performance were at rock bottom – but in nine months Julie had turned things around.

Julie went on to establish a successful private consultancy and has worked with blue-chip clients such as NAB, Bankwest, BP, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Telstra. She also consults with small- and medium-sized businesses. Her number one gripe is the misuse of the word ‘busy’. Busy isn’t a state of being, it’s a state of mind. And the sooner you win that internal battle, the sooner you can get back to the real business of kicking goals.

Julie sits on the board of advice for a financial planning firm and runs group mentoring programs and networking dinners. She is also an author, media commentator, keynote speaker and Telstra Business Women’s Awards nominee.

When she’s not whipping leaders into shape, Julie can be found enjoying a quiet glass of red over a meal with her husband and friends, or watching a not-so-quiet game of footy with her beloved Richmond Tigers. They’ve sure taught her a lot about resilience, and are proof that with hard work, grit and determination, anyone can triumph.