You Can Lead a Horse to Water.

Have you ever had a situation where you can see the potential in someone? Whether that be sporting, academic, creative, leadership or even confidence; you can see it in the person well before they recognise it. So you work with them, provide opportunities for them to step up, you coach and encourage them, invest time […]

Ep10: Rachel Derrico – Reducing Risk in the Workplace.

Joining me on the podcast today is Rachel Derrico, Senior Associate at Rankin Business Lawyers. Rachel is an experienced employment and industrial relations lawyer and works across all areas of workplace relations law. Rachel enjoys working with clients to reduce risk in the workplace by providing proactive and commercial solutions for clients and conducting practical […]

Leadership, Seasons and Certainty – What’s the Correlation?

I love summer. I love the smell of it, the bright sunny days, the sunsets, the warm breeze and how the blue sky seems to put a spring in your step. One of the benefits of living in Melbourne is we do get to experience four seasons, sometimes all in one day! We know our […]

Ep09: Stephen Durkin – Transformational Leadership

Joining me on the podcast is Stephen Durkin, CEO of AusIMM. Having personally led six major business transformations over his 30-year career, Stephen is regarded as a seasoned change agent. Stephen has extensive experience in association management and business leadership, as both an Executive and Director. Since May 2017 Stephen has been CEO of AusIMM, the peak […]

All Buts are on the Nose!

This week’s blog is a relatively simple one. The message is tapping on the shoulder of your self-awareness and how conscious you are of your ‘buts’ and it links back to last weeks message and the podcast that I released early in January. You could probably accuse me of eavesdropping on a conversation in a […]

Ep08: Oscar Trimboli – Deep Listening – The Unfair Advantage

  On this episode of Making It Count, Oscar Trimboli joins me. Oscar is a coach supervisor, speaker, and author of Deep Listening: Impact beyond words, The 125/400 Rule: The Art and Science of Listening and Breakthroughs: How to confront your assumptions. Through his work with chairs, boards of directors and executive teams in local, regional and global organisations, […]

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Outcome.

How will 2019 differ to your 2018? Most people want to get better year on year. They want to improve in a certain area, leverage what they have done well or embarked on a new challenge. Many want to spend their time much more wisely and stick to important priorities. And some just want this […]

Lee Ussher – Winning With Social Media – Episode 6

  Lee Ussher is our guest on the Podcast today. Lee is head of Digital and Social Media Management at Buzz Web Media and is a Corporate Brand Strategist. Lee helps companies and their executive leaders develop and maintain brand influence by creating loyal and sustainable network relationships that drive performance. Lee cofounded Buzz Web […]