Audio for Vision with Distinction

The most successful leaders and the most successful businesses all have a crystal clear vision. A vision is the visual portrait representing the highest intention of what you are trying to achieve. It sets the foundation for all of the activity you do in business and leadership, including goal setting.

Vision is one of the most important aspects in creating a dynamic and successful business. It is creating your business future today. Unfortunately it can be the one thing that is sacrificed in the pursuit of productivity, client service and profit. In other words, focusing on the immediate results in the now.

We have included an audio for you to listen to or you can download the MP3 version, highlighting the benefits of creating a vision for you as a leader, in...

Vision with Distinction


The one thing that great leaders and successful businesses have in common is a strong vision. Unfortunately, vision is the one thing that business owners forgo in favour of short-term goals and then wonder why their business is not evolving and growing. Vision is perceived as hard or even too time consuming with the preference being on the now. The demand for profit and productivity replaces the need to create and develop the catalyst for the transformation of your business.

So why have a vision and what is a vision? Vision can be confused with mission but they are distinctly different. The best way I can explain vision is the really big picture you are painting for your business. It is what you are working towards achieving. It is creating your...

Distinctive Leadership

I posted a comment on my Facebook page the other day;

"Why would you be just a leader or a boss when you could be a Distinctive Leader instead?" 

It received a few comments which got me thinking. I am clear on my vision as to what a "Distinctive Leader" is but I wonder what yours is? 

I re-branded my business in April this year in consultation with my marketing coach from the previous name of Paradigm Coaching. Distinctive Leadership is a more descriptive and powerful brand for what I do within the business and for my clients. Developing and encouraging leaders of distinction, who stand out from the rest. Who are role models and who make a difference to those around them. That is Distinctive Leadership. Sounds good but what would the leader actually be doing to...


Welcome to our blog. We look forward to connecting with you and communicating with you on all things leadership!

It was one of the worlds most admired leaders birthday on Sunday with there being an inaugural day held in his honour, The ‘Nelson Mandela’ day. Nelson Mandela is one of the most inspirational leaders that have blessed this planet. He is a leader in the true sense of the word. He is a picture of integrity, courage, wisdom and truth. He knew what he stood for and had courage in his convictions. He did not back down when facing immense challenges. He gave a nation hope.

He has created a powerful legacy and one that will never be forgotten after he leaves our great planet. We couldn’t think of a better time to launch our blog.

Happy Birthday to Nelson...

Time to Vote

Australia is in election mode.  The election for our Nations top leader, Prime Minister, is being held on the 21st August and will be decided between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott.

I have never really been politically minded, but as my career has progressed and my interest in human behaviour has grown, I find the game of politics to be an intriguing one!

Four weeks ago we had a ‘leadership coo’, where Kevin Rudd was removed by his party and replaced by the first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. There was celebration as she has made political and in fact nation history being the first female Prime Minister. All be it, not elected by the people of Australia. Despite what you may think, it’s a great effort by anyone to be placed into the nations top leadership...

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