On today’s episode, I have Jeanette Cremor (JC) with me.

Jeanette has a reputation of being a strategic design thinker, fun maker and someone who gets the job done. She is the creator of The Project Ecosystem ® a learning framework to support others in creating their own project success stories.

With over 20 years’ experience in government, education, utilities, and sports sectors delivering business change by linking people, process and technology she is an expert on project management – what works and what doesn’t. Jeanette offers consulting services to check the pulse of your project and provide a back to health action plan or you can join her program and mentoring sessions to get hands-on practical lessons.

If you don’t find her at a whiteboard, she will be with family and friends indulging in good food and wine.

If you are thinking about rolling out a project or in the midst of implementation you need to listen to this. Jeanette has an incredible mind and is a very clever strategic thinker. This is an awesome chat where we dive into the world of Project Management and discuss:

  • How Jeanette adds value to new and in-progress projects
  • The three keys to ensuring a project is a success
  • The biggest mistake organisations are making in this space.
  • How to keep your energy levels up whilst working on a project.

The tips shared here are so valuable and will really get you thinking. You can adopt what Jeanette is sharing here to any size project, even your personal projects.

Enjoy my chat with Jeanette!

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