Joining me today is Professor Clive Smallman.

Clive is a high school failure who became a Professor.  The shock of his failure to his system meant that reading, thinking, and writing became more important than rugby, beer, and girls. He is a learning ‘tragic’ with a grasp of business and management best practice and theory gets a real buzz out of helping others to learn from moments of truth and to avoid or at least better manage risks and crises.

Clive is an expert in experiential learning. He believes that most organisations and people don’t learn from their own experiences. They struggle to learn from the success and failure of others and that the same or similar mistakes over and again. This is what Clive is on a mission to change.

Clive is quite a character and we chat about:

  • What leadership through learning is all about
  • Learning through ‘moments of truth’
  • How to improve the high disengagement levels organisations are experiencing
  • What we need to consider for the future of work

Enjoy my chat with Clive.



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