Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

JH HowExecutive Coaching is a unique relationship between the client and the coach. Executive Coaching is commonly used to empower the client to gain clarity, focus and an increased level of self awareness enabling them to achieve powerful results.

It can be lonely being in leadership, even if you have a team around you. You are constantly there for others, solving problems and being a sounding board. A leader needs that too. They need support and guidance and someone in their corner.

The status quo is the enemy of career progression, innovation and change. In today’s volatile market conditions, executives and leaders can’t afford to be frustrated, they need to act and become a change leader to stay relevant to their future. This is critical for success.

Most professional athletes have a coach to work with them to produce the best results possible. Being in business is no different. An Executive coaching relationship can assist you in being the best possible version of you – allowing you to achieve extraordinary things.

The Executive Coaching relationship is for a period of time between 6 – 12 months and includes monthly sessions.

Executive Coaching Package

  • DiSC Personality Profile to assist you in understand behaviour and communication preferences better
  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
  • Weekly leadership tips
  • 6 Months or 12 month period.