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The Top 10 Attributes of a Strong Role Model.

What you need to know to make an impact and lead with influence, especially during uncertain and challenging times.

Bounce Back for Growth

In webinar, Julie will share with you three ways you can bounce back and exceed your revenue targets, improve the motivation and morale within your team and keep your clients super happy so you can achieve growth and kick some awesome goals in 2021.

The Recipe to Create a High Performing Team

Why alignment is your secret ingredient to success and, how you can achieve this even in challenging times.

Overcoming the Challenges Remote Working Creates for Leaders & Their Team

In this pesentation, Julie will provide you with some practical tips to enable you to get the best from your leadership and your team when leading a remote workforce in challenging times.

Top 10 Tips to turn Busy into Productive in 30 Days

Want to Get More Productive? Receive my FREE Top 10 Tips to turn Busy into Productive in 30 Days

Why HR Can’t Fix Your People Issues

If you think HR will ‘fix’ your problems you’ve got it wrong. Here’s the approach you need instead.

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Making Your Mark in Times of Challenge

There is always opportunity that comes from adversity and the COVID-19 pandemic is no different. It’s time to start thinking about life post COVID-19 and ensure we make smart decisions that will support our personal and professional lives now and in the future.


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