For over 25 years Rick Foster forged a career as a successful copywriter. Twenty of those were as part- owner and founder of Tank, a creative agency that strived to make a meaningful difference through their work.

But then Rick had a mental breakdown, suffering severe anxiety which made him relook at everything. His family, life and career.

What was the hardest time of his life also became the happiest, as he reignited his passion for writing through pursuing something that he had wanted to do since having the first of his two beautiful daughters – write picture books.

Drawing on his own experience and the struggles both of his young daughters experienced with anxiety, he wrote and self-published his first picture book, Why Worry Wally? to help kids talk about and cope with their worries and anxiety.

Rick is a strong advocate for mental health, in particular anxiety in children and men, and passionate about de-stigmatising issues around mental health.

This podcast is super relevant right now with what we are experiencing. There has been so much disruption to children’s lives because of this pandemic and it has really impacted their worries and anxiety levels. This podcast is full of pragmatic tips to assist you with how to normalise anxiety and encourage your kids to talk about it.

We chat about:

  • What drove Rick to write Why Worry Wally
  • How Why Worry Wally helps normalise anxiety for children
  • What to do if your child does raise they are feeling anxious or worried
  • Why it’s ok for parents not to be the superhero
  • Why being present and breaking the busy curse is super important

Please do share this podcast with those you know with kids as it could make a huge difference to their world. As Rick shares you can purchase the book via his website and a percentage of the sales is donated to Kids Helpline.


Why Worry Wally

Rick Foster

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