Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs


Busy – it’s one of the most commonly and over used words in today’s workplace.

There’s no argument things are busier. We have so much to do, with higher demands in what seems like less time. It can certainly put the pressure on to simply get stuff done – respond to emails, tick off the to do list, get to meetings, answer calls, deliver on the project and the list goes on. So the head is down and the rear end is up and we set out to do stuff. But……. it’s common when we’re stuck in the ‘doing’ that we can lose sight of the important, high impact tasks and before we know it, we’ve lost precious time and the results aren’t where they should be. We’ve simply become busy being busy.

The most important question to be answered in business today is……..Are you and your team focused on the right things?

One of the biggest complaints I hear from leaders is that their team tell them how busy they are, but it doesn’t seem to be translating to results. There’s a huge gap in what leaders are being told and what they are seeing. All too often they see time wasted, deadlines missed and confusion around what to prioritise and when. As a result leaders are faced with teams that can look and feel:

  • Unproductive
  • Scattered
  • Reactive

A busy culture isn’t going to work for you. In fact it’s something that drains the life out of a business. As leaders we need to ensure that we are not inadvertently contributing to this culture of busy but instead model the right behaviours and solutions. You must know how to turn busy into productive.

In the 21st century, where the performance and health of a business is equally important, the priority needs to be on building a team that is:

  • Productive
  • Focused
  • Energised

Underpinning this are the attitudes (mindset) of you and your team, the actions taken and how people are using their time. We need to make busy work for us, work for the team and ensure that we are in control and productive, rather than simply busy being busy.

This program is suitable for teams and business of all sizes and focuses on:

  • Understanding the 8 different types of busy and what type you are most prone to adopt
  • Implementing strategies to turn busy into productive
  • Understanding how busy impacts on the culture, team and clients
  • Creating a productive culture
  • Changing busy attitudes
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Implementing time management techniques
  • Changing the ‘busy’ language

The program comprises of a mix of workshops and mentoring and it can be run as a 6 or 12-month program depending on the intensity and results you would like to achieve. We work closely with you throughout each stage of the program and will partner with you to ensure high impact business outcomes are delivered for you and your people.

Contact Julie to find out more about the Busy -> Productive program and how it can work for your team and your business.



Our business landscape is chaotic. The pace of business is frantic, the war for talent is furious, people want more for less, change is certain and competition is fierce. Busy is what we know and we’re running really hard to keep up. It’s relentless and things can all too easily become very cluttered and confusing. Needless to say it’s incredibly exhausting.

Our traditional way of working is fast becoming outdated. Whilst the focus on high performance – profit, revenue, sales, – remains, how we deliver this needs to change. The traditional culture of turning up at the office, being seen at your desk and putting in long hours is no longer effective and certainly does not mean you’re more successful or more likely to be considered for promotion.

Too often we can find ourselves focused on the wrong things. Things that prove to be distractions rather than what is critical to 21st century leadership. Today’s leaders need new skills to face these challenges and changes to the modern workplace. Failing to do so can all too easily see the following three things suffer when they have actually never been so critical:

  • Productivity
  • Engagement
  • Retention

If you are going to future proof your business and enable your team to perform to their best, we need to disrupt the traditional culture and move to a more relevant 21st century way of doing business. Your people are the power in your business and they can only perform at their very best if they have clarity on what they need to do, what their priorities are together with looking after their physical and mental health.

CEO’s and business leaders now need to be the role models and demonstrate what will make your organisation not only productive but healthy.

The ‘Calm the Chaos’ program equips leaders with the tools to:

  • Recognise – what needs to happen, when and for who
  • Plan – how to achieve a healthy and productive workplace. What are the key actions that are going to make the biggest difference to your outcomes and your team.
  • Engage – strategies to build strong relationships with your team and clients leading to stronger advocacy, retention and acquisition.
  • Follow up – often the missing link. We can have the best plans in place but if people aren’t accountable to the plan and their actions things can fall through the cracks.

Calm the Chaos program is a 6 or 12 month program and combines workshops and mentoring. Contact Julie to get more information.



Retaining best and brightest


Do you know who your next leaders are?

Do you have a strategy to retain them?

The war for talent is furious and one of the biggest challenges business leaders face today. It’s never been more important to ensure we are identifying and nurturing our talent within to combat the threat of them walking out the door.

Staff turnover is a substantial cost to every business. The actual cost is estimated to be at least a person’s annual salary and with the average being 2.5 times annual salary. This is a huge impact to business, not only financially but because of the potential flow-on effect to other employees, the impact on the culture and the disruption staff changes cause, things that often aren’t quantified.

Our “Emerging Leaders” program is all about working with you to:

  • Identify your top talent and emerging leaders
  • Empowering and equipping them with 21st century leadership skills
  • Encouraging them to step up, lead and influence the culture and performance of your business.
  • Create a clear and exciting career path for them

It’s about investing in the people you have seen potential in, those who have the right attitude and values that compliment the business and those people who instinctively enhance the culture. The ones who you can rely on and are that safe pair of hands. The ones who if you continue to neglect will leave. Yes them!

The Best and Brightest program is a multi-faceted program that can be run over 3, 6 or 9 months and is tailored to deliver relevant high impact business outcomes.

Request more information here to find out more about the Best and Brightest program and how it can work for your team and your business.