Abbie White is the Founder of Sales Redefined and one of Australia’s most dynamic sales experts.

With over 15 experience in sales and sales leadership, Abbie’s proven track record includes assisting in the delivery of over $500M in sales, across a range of industries.

Abbie’s modern approaches to high performance sales and her tried-and-tested, authenticity-based sales formula have helped supercharge the performance and profits of boutique Australian businesses, through to large multinationals. It’s her approach that really resonated with me and just makes complete sense.

Abbie is an expert at creating profound shifts in the performance of sales professionals. She is high energy and super passionate and is certainly someone who walks her talk which I admire.

My chat with Abbie covers lots of awesome stuff including:

  • Abbie’s approach to sales and how it benefits her clients
  • The shits and the opportunities since Covid-19
  • Why having skin in the game can be a game changer.
  • Abbie’s tips for managing busy

This really is awesome as Abbie shares lots of practical tips so you may want to have a pen and paper handy!


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