“The best way to predict your
future is to create it”
– Peter Drucker

We need to be smarter at what we do and how we do it.

Our business landscape is now chaotic. The pace of business is frantic, people want more for less, change is a certainty and competition is fierce. Busy is what we know and we’re running really hard to keep up. It’s relentless and things can become very cluttered and confusing. And needless to say, it’s incredibly exhausting.

Many people in business, leaders and career professionals alike, are feeling more and more isolated. Even though we are constantly plugged in and connected via technology, we have become very disconnected from what truly matters to us.

The constant focus for ‘more and better’ means we often get lost in the busyness of the ‘doing’ and forget to check in on the ‘why’ behind our action, ensuring the action is still relevant to achieve our goals. This can result in a complete waste of our precious time by simply being stuck in busy.

Private Mentoring
The Key to Peak Performance

The key to being successful in business and in your career is to understand what is critical and what are distractions. It’s also about creating a sustainable balance that works for you so as not to experience burnout and to ensure you stay alert and relevant to what is happening around you.

Julie’s Private Mentor Programs are designed to provide business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs with the support, clarity, and focus they need to execute the actions to create their success and create a sustainable balance for their life.


Take your business or career to the next level

Have someone in your corner to bounce ideas off and support you

Hold you accountable to your critical actions

Be in control and be proactive

Explore new thinking and ideas

Ensure you are relevant to your leadership, team and marketplace

Reconnect back to what’s truly important in your life

Ensure your Personal Brand is strong

Mentoring is a brain to pick, and ear to listen and a push in the right direction.

I have learnt a lot along my journey. I enjoyed a successful 21-year corporate career where I led teams large and small to deliver strong results in a very competitive industry. I have transformed poor performance and toxic cultures to be one of the best in the business. I worked with inspiring leaders and those on the other end of the spectrum!

What I bring to the table is a unique blend of the experience of having been there, at a senior level in corporate balancing the multiple demands of leading teams and delivering to stakeholders, through to 10 years of running my own small business.

I work with business leaders, helping them to be more agile and adaptable, and to think outside the square which they must. Also to play on the edge a little bit! It’s a blend that works.

I work with some awesome clients

I work with some awesome clients

and I’m glad they think the relationship is pretty special too!

Joining Julie’s mentor program was an easy decision to have 12 months of laser focus on strengthening my personal success. The value for me is in taking time out to dig deeper into what success means for me, challenging my thinking and gaining some great new tools and techniques. The commitment holds me accountable to making it happen. Oh and did I mention its also great fun too!

C Duncan

General Manager & Director

Julie has been my mentor for the past 6 months. I hired Julie to help me get my business organised and to implement more structure into my week. In the steps to improve my business, Julie has helped me find focus, encouraged me to build on my strengths, and to assist me with prioritising my goals and my time. I have found having someone outside my industry to look holistically at my processes, mindset, and habits has helped me grow, improve and build my confidence. I have doubled my income in the past six months, and I know that is due to the time I have spent in my mentoring sessions with Julie.

T McGregor

Sales Executive

Cloud CFO worked with Julie Hyde as a Mentor. As a small business owner and new company we found the service offered by Julie to be exceptional. She really guided us through our transition from employee to entrepreneur. Her assistance was invaluable as someone to bounce off ideas and discussion challenges across our business. She gave us the tools and processes we need to assist our business for future growth. As a small business owner I would definitely recommend Julie to any business owner looking at taking their business on the path to success.

E Pamensky

Business Owner

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