Change Your Thinking, Change Your Outcome.

How will 2019 differ to your 2018? Most people want to get better year on year. They want to improve in a certain area, leverage what they have done well or embarked on a new challenge. Many want to spend their time much more wisely and stick to important priorities. And some just want this […]

How You Communicate Matters.

I was engaged to work for a small business, with 30 team members, to improve communication within the business. Everyone knew there was a toxic culture in the workplace. People weren’t getting along and engagement levels were low. The leaders believed this had nothing to do with the leadership, but rather people not liking the […]

Creating Two Types of Momentum.

We have flipped the calendar page over for the second last time in 2018. We’re now on the home stretch. I do love this time of year, it’s spring, daylight savings kicks in for many of us and there is a more festive feel in the air. That being said there are many distractions to […]

Respected or Liked? That’s the Question.

“The behaviour you walk past is the standard you accept” – Lieutenant General David Morrison We all like to be liked. We’re human after all and the need to be liked is a childhood need that chases us into adulthood. We like to think and feel that we are accepted and that we belong. It’s […]

At the Half Way Mark Make the Time to Make the Effort.

Happy New Financial Year! The first half of the calendar year is complete. Yes, 180 days done!  Winter solstice is past us now and before we know it we’ll be heading into spring (please hurry, it’s so cold in Melbourne!). Time seems to fly by so fast which is why it’s so critical in today’s […]

It’s OK to Put Your Hand Up.

Leadership is often focused outward. You’re focused on the business strategy, the operations, the day to day, the culture, your clients, your service offerings, performance and of course your team. It can feel like you’re constantly giving to, thinking for and encouraging others leaving little time for you. Unconsciously you can become quite neglected because […]

Busy Can No Longer be Your Catch Cry if You Want to Be Successful.

Here’s a challenge, find someone today who is not busy. We’re busy ticking off our to-do lists, trying to run a business or manage our career. We’re busy hopping from meeting to meeting, trying to manage our team. We’re busy meeting client expectations, ensuring cash flow and results are where they need to be. We’re […]

Recognising the Power of Recognition.

I was sitting with an employee last week. We were having a conversation about his role, the likes, dislikes and everything in between. He’s performing well and feels he goes above and beyond what is expected of him in his role, which gives him a sense of personal satisfaction. But something was missing for him. […]

One Thing a Leader Needs to Practice.

There is the constant quest to define the qualities that make a great leader. This quest will go on until the end of time, as it should. It will be a constantly changing proposition because as a consequence of our rapidly changing environment leaders need to constantly evolve, shift, adapt and ensure they are relevant. […]

Who Holds the Power?

Maddy was incredibly excited to get to work. She was thrilled to have been asked to think about some ideas on how the culture of the business could be improved by the company directors. She’d work in the business for some time now and hadn’t been personally asked to contribute like this before. Maddy had […]