Spring Racing is upon us once again. This signals warmer weather in Melbourne and gorgeous fashion for the girls and the guys. Dedicated punters are studying the form guide to build their knowledge about the horses racing in an endeavour to win their fortune.

Others don’t even study; they like to have a flutter on the races and will take a risk on their favourite number, a colour or a name.

The ever important form guides includes tips on how the horses perform best, hard or soft track, previous performance, how much they have won and how placed in previous races.

People will risk their hard earned cash on an unknown horse, or a proven performer, but are reluctant to take a risk on themselves. They rely on a form guide written by experts to assess the risk. I wonder if they regularly have a good look at their own form guide in order to make a better-educated decision when assessing risk in life? I wonder if they continually update their form guide each season keeping some important collateral on themselves?

Some of the best decisions involve risk. Study your form guide, assess your performance and have a punt on yourself this spring. You may be amazed what comes your way.

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Good luck!

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