C Pagano

I have recently moved from being a hands on, driver of sales in a medium business, to a Leader of the business with Sales Leaders driving the day to day sales. I engaged Distinctive Leadership to assist me to become a better Leader, ensuring my team had clarity on the direction of the business and the expected outcomes while also increasing engagement levels. I provided a ‘braindump’ of my view on how I wanted to transition, then allowed Julie to do what she does best. Julie was able to step me through the importance of spending time ‘on my business’ rather than in it, but more importantly engage my Sales Managers and empower them to run their own individual business’ Sales have increased in excess of 17% over the last 6 months with momentum building across other parts of the business that were lacking penetration previously. I have been able to think more strategically, which allows me to forecast more precisely and allow for the bump’s and grinds that are part of the everyday. I would implore anyone who is wanting to ‘move into the next zone’ to invest the time to meet with Julie and her team, it just might be the best investment you will make.