C Pagano

It has now been 3 month’s since you delivered this powerful workshop. As a team we had hit the “wall” We had achieved some strong results but I could see that the Challenges were slowing momentum. The brief was to create that enthusiasm again, to re-energise the team, to get them to understand that the Industry along with other industries were screaming out for something ‘’new’. “’Disruption’ was the perfect word. It instilled a feeling of uncertainty, a feeling that something had to change. You engaged the Team early on, took them through the journey of the ‘disruption’ chart and then blended into the ‘’why’’ – how this will be the point of distinction. Three months after the event, during my one on one sessions, the essence of the workshop still resonates. Our Conversations with our clients are richer. Our inflow of business from our referrers has increased by some 13%. September 30 was the end of 2015. The last 90 days has set us up for a strong first quarter for 2016. Our sales funnel is well positioned. This I have no doubt is to do with you Julie and the way you delivered this workshop. The word ‘’disruption’ has been thrown around, but as always its in the ‘’why’’ – something that you articulate with passion and meaning. Thankyou.