K Edgerton

My name is Ken Edgerton of Edgerton Business Technology. I provide computer services to companies as large as 50 users and as small as 1 user. I had a problem of my business consuming my life and still not getting the important things done. I took on Julie Hyde of Distinctive Leadership as a business coach in the hope of getting my business under control. I thought I had business related problems but Julie soon identified that my issues were of a more deep seated personal nature. Julie assisted me to put systems and measures in place to help me down the path of overcoming my foibles. Julie’s ability to customise my coaching program to suit my circumstances went a long way toward me taking on her great services. The fact that Julie is a personal coach as well as a business coach meant that she could delve into the real issues. A combination of meetings and regular phone sessions was the best way for me to work in my incredibly busy schedule and the goals she worked with me to set and achieve were beyond my greatest expectations. My personal organisation improved. My turnover increased. My ability to service my customers improved?I gained better control of my time even through the greatest IT emergencies. I highly recommend to every business person that “yes even you can use a business coach” I recommend to you to try Julie Hyde’s services with Distinctive Leadership to find out if even your business can be improved, especially in these financial times where every opportunity is required to survive and thrive. If you have any questions or reservations about Julie’s services or ability to help you then I would be happy for you to contact me