Meet Mark LeBusque.

Mark is universally known as the “Human Manager” and his proven techniques for elevating leaders and energizing employees make him an internationally sought after speaker, facilitator, mentor and coach. His books BEING HUMAN and the little book of HUMAN have challenged the way Managers and Organisations view the value of the 100- year old Management system and has sparked a more Human approach across the globe.

Mark has developed and refined his “Human Manager” model over a 25-year career in sales, operations and general management, delivering measurable improvements in employee engagement, team performance and business results even in todays climate of fast paced change and uncertainty. He has an innate ability to both speak and seek the truth, provoke humans to step into their own reality and skilfully combines practicality and simplicity with textbook theory.

Mark is Harvard Business School Trained and an accredited Practitioner in Adaptive Leadership and Instincts at Work and is affectionately known as a Certified Bogan……

I think you’ll agree that right now the world needs more human. We need leaders to step into a more human approach to leadership at a time when they are facing enormous challenge too! No easy feat. Which is why this episode is very timely and very relevant.

Mark shares:

  • How he became known as the Human Manager
  • The shifts required for leaders in this time of COVID-19
  • Tips to rewire your management style
  • Tips for having meaningful performance conversations with your team
  • A powerful question to ask yourself that will improve your self awareness.


Mark LeBusque


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