My guest today is Karen Gately.

Karen is a passionate optimist with unwavering belief in the power of the human spirit. An author, speaker, advisor and educator in the fields of human performance and leadership, she brings a fresh perspective to what it takes to be a successful manager of people.

Her approach is heavily influenced by the 25 years she spent training and teaching karate. And as a 3rd dan Black Belt she can be very persuasive when she needs to be!

Karen really does have a lot to say too! Her insight and thought leadership is easily accessible being an author of two books, regular contributor to business and lifestyle publications and a frequent guest on national television and radio.

This podcast is timely given the current COVID-19 situation we are navigating and the priority to keep our teams engaged whilst supporting their mental health.

We chat about:

  • How Karen’s Marshall Arts training influenced her leadership
  • Where her strong belief in the human spirit came from
  • Tips for getting through these uncertain and challenging times
  • Tips for leaders to fuel their teams human spirit

Enjoy my chat with Karen.


Corporate Dojo

Karen Gately

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