Meet Dr Jenny Brockis.

As a kid, Jenny’s favourite tale was Kipling’s story of ‘How The Elephant Got His Trunk. Like the elephant she was insatiably curious about the world. It also got her into a bit of trouble, like the time she set fire to the kitchen during a chemistry experiment.

Her curiosity led her to ask, why does our body and mind sometimes fail us?

As a board-certified lifestyle medicine physician and best-selling author her vision is to enable everyone to be a happy, thriving human. Which is why Jenny chose to switch from being a GP to create a workplace consultancy called Brain Fit, specialising in mental wellbeing, psychological safety and sustainable high performance.

Jenny’s fourth book Thriving Mind: How to Cultivate a Good Life (Wiley) has just been published and when not at work you’ll find her cuddled up with a book, hiking in nature, or experimenting in the kitchen.

Our chat is focused around how to thrive in a pandemic.

This is a brilliant chat with Jenny that includes:

  • How to recognise if you or someone you know is struggling
  • The importance of creating a safe space for people to speak up
  • Tips for managing your mental wellbeing
  • Tips for leaders to support their employee’s mental wellbeing
  • The biggest influence of Jenny’s life to date

Grab a pen and paper and enjoy this podcast with Dr Jenny.


Dr Jenny Brockis


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