Julie leads high energy, practical and results orientated workshops. She has been delivering these for over 15 years and understands the key to
engaging all personality and learning needs in a room.

Julie understands how important it is to empower your team with skills, strategies and different ways of thinking and engage your team to work and think collaboratively and inclusively.

Her workshops are always outcome focused. She loves to work with you
to develop a workshop to engage, inspire and drive the change you are seeking.

She runs half day or full day workshops and some of her most popular
workshops are detailed below. She will however tailor the workshops to your needs.

Julie Hyde is an engaging, motivating, passionate person. Who’s genuine desire to make a difference comes through in her “Busy” workshop and mentoring program.

Her approach is so real, honest and inspiring. It doesn’t matter what industry or walk of life you come from, you definitely walk away with some true value. Julie’s extensive leadership & business experience shine’s through in her workshops leaving the audience wanting more as the content is so very relevant and proven.

B Grenfell

Regional Executive BOM

“Part of my role involves arranging lunch and learn sessions for our staff and I could not think of a more perfect topic and presenter than Julie whom delivered her “Busy” workshop. Not only is the topic relevant across departments ranging from sales, operations to IT developers but it also offers up very beneficial takeaways for both your professional and personal life!”

K Aitken

COO Blix

Busy? What Are You Busy Doing?

The business world is fast, furious, constantly changing and incredibly competitive. Our challenge is to be agile, flexible and adaptable to what is happening around us. The problem is, we’re all busy just trying to keep up!

The world is busy and that’s not going to change. So you have to make busy work for you rather than against you. You need to challenge the status quo and change the conversation from ‘busy’ to something much more resourceful to enable you to have an impact, be relevant, to understand your clients, your team and make sense of the constant change that is happening and be competitive.

In this thought provoking and practical session Julie will share:

  • Why you must learn to make busy work for you
  • The consequences of being stuck in busy and the perception busy creates
  • The 8 different types of busy identifying how you ‘do’ busy and how to turn it around
  • How to get control and make busy work for you.

Relevance – 21st Century Leadership

Leadership has certainly evolved and will need to continually do so if we are to remain relevant in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Whilst there’s no doubt that it can be a challenging time to lead it is one that provides enormous opportunity to lead your way and leave your mark!

Leaders must now lead from a place of connectedness, listen differently and engage collectively and inclusively to be relevant, influential and have a positive impact.

Current and future leaders need to be conscious leaders. What are you role modeling? What legacy are you creating? What do you stand for as a leader? What is at the core of your leadership? All of these questions are critical to being a successful leader in the 21st Century.

Julie will inspire you to embrace a new style of leadership that is built on a solid foundation enabling you to leverage and drive success now and for the future.

In this workshop Julie explores:

  • The 3 components of relevant leadership
  • How to ensure you are relevant
  • Developing your 21st century leadership foundation

Personal Brand Power

We’ve all heard it said that ‘people buy people’. A recent study conducted by IBM found that 71% of CEOs reported human capital as the key source to economic value. People drive revenue, results and opportunities. In essence people are the heart of every organisation. We don’t buy a logo, we buy the people behind it. So for organisations investing in their teams’ personal brand is really a no brainer because their people are the power in the business!

In this busy, crowded, time poor world, having a strong personal brand is not only necessary; it’s critical to success. We need to have a strong brand to attract, connect and be memorable with clients, stand out from competitors, build strong relationships and encourage the advocacy that business thrives on.

Personal Brand is the strongest currency you have to deal with in business. It’s your reputation and it’s what people are saying about you when you’re not in the room. The question is – what are they saying?

In this powerful and interactive workshop Julie explores:

  • Why you need a strong personal brand
  • Why you must be thinking about the future of your personal brand
  • The 3 key components to personal brand
  • How to develop or progress your personal brand
  • Strategies to enable to you shine the spotlight on your brand to achieve great results

The Collective – A Collaborative Team

It’s no secret that teamwork has become a critical component for business success in the 21st century. Business problems today are far too complex for any one person to solve. Seth Godin says it beautifully – the sum of us are smarter than any one of us. But the dynamics of a team has certainly changed. In today’s rapidly changing workplace they are much more diverse and dispersed than ever before. Inclusive cultures are the key to enabling stronger performance, retention and healthy work environments but the question is how do we achieve this in such changing and challenging times.

In this workshop, Julie explores how to:

  • Establish a shared mindset
  • Gain shared insights into how individuals work whilst improving self-awareness
  • Understand the team dynamics and how to communicate more effectively with others to drive results, impact and opportunity
  • Utilise the skill sets of others for benefit rather than fighting against them

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